What is the SmartGirls Way?

The SmartGirls Way is a social-venture dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs to create significant economic breakthroughs for themselves, their communities and the next economy.  We believe a world with more women leaders in real positions of influence will be a better world. And we believe entrepreneurship is the fastest, most direct and interesting path to that leadership position.

We are uniting the women’s entrepreneurial movement by finding and celebrating existing and aspiring women-owned businesses, partnering with the organizations that support and invest in women, and bringing them together through our initiatives and platforms.

What We Do

We help women leverage their unique feminine strengths and access the critical knowledge, networks, people, and capital they need to build successful businesses.

  • Our 100x100 Project celebrates successful women entrepreneurs and provides video case studies and other interactive forums for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from other women. 
  • Unique content and online tools such as the SmartGirls Mirror enable women to discover their inner entrepreneur. 
  • We invite early adopters into our Constellation Network to connect to women working on and through similar challenges and opportunities.

Why the World Needs Women Entrepreneurs

The world needs women entrepreneurs.  

We need your creative ideas and unique attributes.  

We need your great businesses and innovative products. 

And we desperately need successful women at the table when we make decisions about the future of our economy and planet.

Founder, Jean Brittingham, explains the role the SmartGirls Way will play in the women’s entrepreneurial movement.


"The next economy will look different than what we have today because it will be led by women."

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