Jean Marie Brittingham, Founder

Jean Marie Brittingham Jean founded SmartGirls way after a 17-yr career in business. While working as a consultant to some of the world’s largest brands, Jean began to see a significant need for the unique views and attributes that women can bring to the design of a sustainable future. Fueled by her passion and driven by integrity, Jean established SmartGirls Way and began creating the products and approaches to help rapidly scale the women’s entrepreneurial movement to create the next economy--an economy designed as if the future matters.

From a very early age I wanted to make a positive difference in the world. My breakthrough moment came in 1993 when a Future Search conference introduced me to the concept of sustainability. I knew that working to help create a planet where the economy works for all people and leaves a positive legacy for the future has guided every decision I have made since.


Book: The Road Less Traveled

Quote: "You can’t change the music of your soul." Kate Hepburn

Movie: Casablanca

SG Strength: Intuition!

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Finding Funding

SmartGirls Way Book

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