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Allen, Stephanie

Stephanie first began making fix-and-freeze meals for her own family in 1986. By preparing and freezing dinners using fresh raw ingredients, she improved on traditional pre-cooked methods resulting in meals that simply tasted better. She honed the process for efficiency and began developing a collection of specialized “dream dinners” recipes.

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Anderson, Lauren

Lauren is Innovation Director for Collaborative Lab. She played an instrumental role in building the Collaborative Consumption brand and the growing global movement.

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Araneda, Laura

Laura Araneda comes from a long line of miners. Her grandfathers were miners. Her father was an underground driller in the mines of Canada’s New Brunswick province and beyond before he decided to found his own diamond drilling company. Today, as president of Vic Progressive Diamond Drilling (VPDD), Araneda believes that attention to quality, safety and environment have helped VPDD grow and stand out in a highly competitive market by staying focused on doing things right

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Bakhtari, Farnaz

Coming from a software engineering and business background Farnaz is the founder and president of TrainingPal, an online platform for fitness industry that helps personal trainers and fitness specialists to offer online services to clients.

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Bantuveris, Karen

Frustrated by the ‘little things’ that prevent volunteers and parents from participating at school and in the community (“reply-all” email overload, disorganized clipboard signup sheets, phone tag), Karen launched VolunteerSpot in 2009 to simplify the volunteer experience.

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