About five years ago Jean became obsessed with the idea that women could make a huge difference in the way that the world is working (or not) if we could only truly embrace, leverage and celebrate as strengths the ways in which we are different from men - - and bring those differences to bear on everything we do, every day.

The SmartGirls Way™ is therefore grounded in the belief that the strengths that women possess are the key to the success of the next economy and a healthy world now and for future generations. We are dedicated to encouraging, enabling and equipping women entrepreneurs--thereby creating a positive shift via the women's entrepreneurial movement.

Jean Brittingham and Tracey Collins met through a mutual friend in a classic 21st century introduction: Their friend lives and works in The Hague, Jean lives and works in Seattle, and Tracey is in Portland, Maine.  The original introduction had nothing to do with the SmartGirls Way – the book or the business. But the more they discussed their mutual interests and Jean’s passion about women entrepreneurs, the clearer it became that their primary reason for meeting was to do this work together.

Jean BrittinghamJean is the Founder of The SmartGirls Way™, and Managing Partner of Brittingham Partners. At Brittingham Partners Jean works with a diverse client group that includes Fortune 100 companies, innovative start-ups, local and national governments, and NGOS. Jean is a member of the Consumer Agenda Councilof the World Economic Forum, a strategic advisor and faculty member for the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and sits on numerous business and non-profit boards.

Her career in sustainable business has spanned over 17 years, ranging from the design of strategic collaborations to the implementation of programs across multiple sectors and businesses in the support, promotion and empowerment of a sustainable future.  While working as a consultant to some of the world’s largest brands, Jean began to see a significant need for the unique views and attributes that women can bring to conversations, businesses and economies in a sustainable future.  Fueled by her creativity, intuition and passion, Jean established The SmartGirls Way and began creating the content—including a book uniquely focused on women’s entrepreneurial strengths—to help rapidly scale the women’s entrepreneurial movement that will form the critical base for the next economy.

Tracey CollinsIn addition to co-writing the book with Jean and working as a Partner at the SmartGirls Way™, Tracey is a writer and executive coach, specializing in women’s leadership and organizational change management. Tracey began her career in journalism and communications and spent over 15 years working as a consultant to leaders of Fortune 500 and multinational organizations throughout Europe and the United States.

Balancing the needs of career and family led to six moves in 13 years and a crash course on adapting to new cultures and environments.  During this time she honed an intuitive ability to identify patterns and motivations behind challenging situations, a curiosity for people, and a passion for uncovering and sharing compelling stories.

Tracey is also the founder of Mirror Group Consulting, which delivers content, coaching and change management services to clients in Europe and the U.S. She has been an honorary guest faculty member at the University of Erasmus, Rotterdam School of Management and is an ongoing contributor to various magazines and change forums.

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