The SmartGirls Way:
Strengths, Success, and Significance—A Path For Women Entrepreneurs

Over the course of four years, we interviewed women entrepreneurs in diverse industries and at various stages of growth. They consistently told us about the inherent feminine strengths they relied upon for success, the support and help they most needed, and the advice they would give to others starting down their own entrepreneurial path.

The SmartGirls Way book captures these insights in a practical guide for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.  It can help you understand and leverage your strengths and direct you towards the resources, skills and business processes you will need to see your Vision-Inspired Big Idea (ViBI™) come to life.

Our belief is that the next economy will be built on the backs of entrepreneurs. Everywhere we turn women are hearing the call to play a meaningful role in the design and creation of a balanced and healthy future.  The SmartGirls Way can set you on the path to building the business of your dreams AND contribute to a thriving future.

Your World, Your Business, Your Way …The SmartGirls Way.

Release Date: December 1, 2011


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“This is an important book about women, entrepreneurship, leadership, business and sustainability. . . Just in time, because the world needs some changing.”
—Glen Hiemstra, Founder,

“A pragmatic approach to success…A must read for all women.”
—Sheila Hollender, Co-Founder, Seventh Generation

“A manifesto on women’s entrepreneurship.”
—Dr. Lynn Marie Gangone, Dean, The Women's College, University of Denver

“This book provides women with the insights, tools and knowledge to launch businesses that are more inclusive, greener and socially responsible.”
—Ingrid Vanderveldt, Founder, The GLASS Forum for Women & Dell’s Entrepreneur in Residence

“The SmartGirls Way is full of practical advice. It shows how to create a vision worth following and how to attract the resources and people needed to make that vision work.”
-Gifford & Libba Pinchot, Co Founders, Bainbridge Graduate Institute for Sustainable Business

“This easy to read book goes beyond the staid wisdom of conventional business books and really taps into some creative thinking around approaching the topic.”
—Nicki Gilmour CEO, The Glass Hammer

“The SmartGirls Way is a wonderful resource for any entrepreneur looking to start a new business. I found it very approachable and encouraging. Jean Brittingham and Tracey Ann Collins provide a practical guide to every aspect of building a business that is both meaningful and successful.  It is like having trusted older sisters help you along the path to success.”
—Katherine Lucey, Founder & CEO, Solar Sister, Inc.

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SmartGirls Way Book

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