The SmartGirls Mirror™

The SmartGirls Mirror – the world’s first serious tool created specifically to help women understand and leverage their unique feminine strengths as entrepreneurs.

 Women possess many characteristics that make them successful business owners. After years of interviewing successful women in business we’ve identified a set of six feminine strengths that collectively represent a unique differentiator for women entrepreneurs.

You can develop and consistently apply these six strengths to achieve success and fulfillment through entrepreneurship.

SmartGirls' Diagnostic

The SmartGirls Mirror is designed to help you understand two things:

How your strengths support your vision, start-up or business.


How you can best leverage your strengths to stay focused, energized, and committed as your business grows.

This diagnositic takes roughly 15 minutes to complete.  Once you’ve completed it,  you will receive your personal SmartGirls Mirror score.

Building the business of your dreams is an extraordinary and evolutionary process.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with an idea or growing an existing business, you can take the SmartGirls Mirror at any stage.

We encourage you to re-visit the tool from time to time to help measure your ongoing commitment and alignment to your Vision-inspired Big Idea (ViBI™).

Purchasing the SmartGirls Mirror

1) Buy the SmartGirls Way book.  If you purchase the book you get to use the SmartGirls Mirror up to three times for free.
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