Using Your SmartGirls Mirror™

SmartGirls Mirror At the SmartGirls Way we believe in building from strength-to-strength. Your responses to the SmartGirls Mirror are a reflection of your natural capabilities that you are most comfortable using.   By leveraging these strengths you can build confidence and identify specific opportunities to increase your ability to fulfil your entrepreneurial dream.

Your Core Strengths: integrity, creativity, and intuition – are the characteristics closest to your internal awareness and gauge your commitment to what we call your Vision-inspired Big Idea--ViBI™.

The Optimizer Strengths: passion, curiosity and weaving – are the strengths most often displayed to the external world and measure how you are implementing your ViBI.

Your SmartGirls Mirror is yours and yours alone and will remain accessible with your SmartGirls Way password.

Retrieving your SmartGirls Strength Score:

When you complete the SmartGirls Mirror you will receive an email alert with a link to your score.  Go to the SmartGirls Mirror Login and enter your registration and password to discover which of your six characteristics are the strongest and  how best to apply them in an entrepreneurial context.

If you own The SmartGirls Way book you have free access to the SmartGirls Mirror. You will need to have the book with you when you register.
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If you don't own the book you can purchase the SmartGirls Mirror for $7.99 here. First, you will need to login to your SmartGirls Way account or sign up for an account. Then you will get to a screen that will take you to a shopping cart.
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The SmartGirls Way© book will further help you understand how to maximize your strengths and provides specific examples of how other women have used these characteristics to realize their dreams.
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