What's Your Vision-inspired Big Idea?

As women entrepreneurs, our greatest inspiration is sourced from our dreams, hopes and aspirations. When dreams move to visions and hopes to intentions—a Vision-inspired Big Idea—a ViBI™ is born.  

Whether you are seeking a solution to a specific problem or dreaming about how your life or the world could be different, understanding how your dream fits within the larger world around us is an important stage of business incubation.

Defining and using a ViBI is described completely in The SmartGirls' Way© book but here are a few important questions to get you started:

  • What is it that I dream about when I remove all the barriers and “yeah buts” from my life?
  • What are my personal “non-negotiable” values?
  • What are the greatest gifts that I bring?
  • What are the top three things that I would love to do every day?

While you are answering these questions some business ideas or other inspirations will occur to you. Write them down. Dwell on them. Start putting more “flesh” on your dreams.

Build your ViBI !

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