The Bigger “Change the Ratio” Issue

by Jean Brittingham

I think Rachal Sklar is fantastic. I really do. She is a smart lady, a good journalist and has done an amazing job of putting the extreme lack of parity in the world of technology start-ups in front of the entrepreneurial eco-system, politicians and the media.

But achieving gender parity in technology entrepreneurship, while necessary, is not sufficient for us to begin to design a future with feminine principles in balance with the dominant male principles that are at work on our planet today.

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coexistblog 25 Apr 2012

Why The World Needs A More Feminine Version Of Success

Our economy is based on domination, not collaboration. If we’re going to stop burning through all our resources, that will need to change.

Before making something new, a smart designer needs to answer a few questions. What is it exactly that we need? Who are the users? What conditions are we designing for? How long do we want it to last?

The answer to these questions forms the design basis--the conditions, needs, and requirements taken into account to create a facility, product, process, or organization. But figuring out which questions to ask isn’t always so easy.

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